Announcing CartTune for Business

If you’re looking to reinvent your business and unleash the power of AI, then take advantage of CartTune today. With our Brand Voice API and collection of tools, businesses can benefit from generative artificial intelligence in no time!

Today at the inaugural Gen AI event, we proudly unveiled CartTune – a suite of advancements that lets businesses embrace AI while preserving their unique brand identity and streamlining operations. We’ve been astounded to witness generative AI’s remarkable adoption rate in recent times; however, for most companies, it remains confined only as show-and-tell tricks without its true potential being realized – as an instrument that teams can rely on every single day.

AI has proven to be a valuable asset in scaling content production. However, the available tools have been producing lackluster results while demanding teams step away from their workflow to use them. That’s why we at CartTune developed advanced features that make it easier for teams and brands to modify our system accordingly.

CartTune Brand Voice

In the current market, where choices are limitless, your Brand’s one-of-a-kind personality is more imperative than ever. Introducing CartTune Brand Voice today — businesses can now tailor their AI-driven content to match their own unique brand!

By training CartTune in the language, style, and tone of your unique brand identity, our AI engine can build on existing linguistic models to infuse your company content with its own characteristics. This enables you to craft persuasive copy that resonates naturally with your target audience and makes it memorable.

  • To develop a brand voice, three essential components must be taken into account: Knowledge, Tone, and Style.
  • Knowledge speaks to your products/services, industry expertise, and market demographics. It is also pertinent to consider the Tone of your business – how do you sound when interacting with customers? Lastly, Style encompasses verbiage choices, grammar rules, as well as formality & punctuation standards in order for it all to come together cohesively across different mediums & written communications.

With CartTune, your entire team can trust that all content created will be accurately formatted with the most current product details and always remain on-brand. With this powerful solution in place, even if you have a large organization or team, every piece of content published is sure to bring your brand identity to life!

Use CartTune anywhere your teams work

To make AI work for your business, the first step is creating a unique brand voice. Now with CartTune’s completely revamped in-line experience extension, you can access that same branded tone wherever and whenever you create content! No more searching around to get assistance; just have CartTune at your fingertips as soon as you start writing.

Our cutting-edge browser extension can be used on email, social media platforms, web content management systems, note programs, and more, so you don’t have to step away from the application you are using in order to receive AI assistance and brand messaging. To top it off — we’ve even extended our offering by making our extension fully compatible with Chrome AND Microsoft Edge! No matter which internet service you prefer – your robot assistant will always be there for you.

We are proud to announce the launch of CartTune API, giving everyone from developers for content platforms to those who use custom CMSes a way to seamlessly integrate CartTune into their systems. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of using CartTune in just a few clicks!

Collaborate with anyone

  • This month, we’ve rolled out new collaboration features to make it easier for your whole team to work together using generative AI. With CartTune, you can now:
  • Create individual spaces for each team member with the right level of access;
  • Share and edit documents in real-time within CartTune;
  • Organize content creation projects more efficiently by tracking progress through document statuses.

By utilizing shared tools, you can not only boost collaboration between your teams but also elevate the AI literacy and expertise of everyone in your organization.

The CartTune AI Engine: Building the best models for the job

People on a regular basis ask us what lies beneath CartTune’s AI-generated outcomes or how it diverges from an LLM. To answer these inquiries is surprisingly easy – the key to Cart Tune’s success resides in our innovative AI Engine.

When a creator submits their prompt, CartTune’s AI Engine quickly accesses the right model to fit that job amongst our array of LLMs. We then pair it with dependable citations and up-to-date Google searches; infuse the result with your brand’s identity as well as the products you offer; and deliver an output tailored for marketing that is current, relevant, and optimized.

This innovative model surpasses the one you’d get from connecting with an LLM. Even better, its latest updates enable it to be a constant companion during your digital ventures.

Generative AI is advancing faster than ever, and we can’t always predict the future. Nonetheless, one this is for sure – our commitment to innovation will never waiver. We strive to stay ahead of the curve, so you are provided with tools that will help your business reach its highest potential and unlock your team’s creative ideas.

We are grateful to have you as an ally and a trailblazer in this journey with us.



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