Announcing CartTune for Business

Introducing the new CartTune for Business suite: revolutionizing business with a set of powerful, generative AI tools – like Brand Voice and an API. Now businesses can take advantage of this leading-edge technology effortlessly!

Excitedly launching the Gen AI event today, we presented CartTune for Business with enthusiasm to assist businesses in implementing artificial intelligence without jeopardizing their unique identity or overcomplicating their processes.

In the past year, watching how rapidly businesses have taken on AI has been amazing. Nevertheless, for a large number of companies, AI still only exists in its experimental stage – not yet being viewed as an everyday staple that all their staff can reliably count on.

The advantages of leveraging AI to produce content are obvious, yet existing tools often furnish lackluster results and disrupt workflows. That’s why we’ve crafted multiple updates on CartTune–so that it can better serve teams’ and brands’ needs!

CartTune Brand Voice

In this age of countless opportunities, your Brand must be distinguished with a distinct personality. Allow us to introduce you to CartTune’s game-changing AI-based content personalization tool – Brand Voice! This power gives you the chance to break away from rival businesses and build unforgettable moments for each customer.

CartTune’s AI engine is capable of being trained to understand your brand identity: its language, tone, and style. Additionally, it can be customized with information about your business so that the content it creates feels more personal and authentic for your target audience, essentially creating a narrative with you as the storyteller.

Brand voice takes into account three pillars of identity:

  • Knowledge: When constructing a business, the extent of your stock, the industry you sustain and serve, and those who purchase from you are all considerations that ought to be taken into account.
  • Tone: It is imperative to consider the language of your brand and how it conveys its message to a critical audience. Your distinct personality should shine through with lucidity, so identify who you are and find out the most captivating way to express that.
  • Style: To ensure the consistent image and character of your brand across all channels, you must take into account factors such as formality, punctuation rules, grammar conventions, and vocabulary choices.

CartTune is the authoritative solution for unified, brand-representative content creation. Whether your team consists of a few people or many more, CartTune guarantees that all materials accurately depict your company’s image and include current insights into what you offer. With CartTune being part of your organization, every piece of content will have an energizing effect on bringing out the best in your brand!

Use CartTune anywhere your teams work

With Artificial Intelligence, your brand’s true potential can be fully realized. To make the most of AI, start by establishing a powerful voice and ensuring it is evident in all aspects of communication related to your business. When operated correctly, AI will become an invaluable asset for any team.

We are delighted to declare the launch of CartTune’s first extension in December, part of our “CartTune Everywhere” program. We have redesigned this service for an even easier experience – you can access Cart Tune’s cursor no matter where your creativity flows and bring a little more flair with it! With CartTune Everywhere, we make sure that wherever your thoughts go, they’re never without a helping hand from us. 

With our newly improved browser extension, you can access AI assistance and on-brand messaging regardless of which email, social media platform, or CMS system you’re using. Plus, with expansion to Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers – it’s like having a virtual companion at your side no matter what web browser is your favorite! No more switching applications when all the help needed is right there within reach. 

We are ecstatic to announce the incredible CartTune API is officially available! If you have a custom CMS or content platform development aptitude, seize this chance and conveniently integrate CartTune. Unlock infinite potential with this impressive tool today!

Collaborate with anyone

Beginning today, generative AI should become your team’s go-to platform for easy collaboration; new features have been added this month to ensure every member of the group is connected and working together harmoniously. Utilize these tools to maximize productivity!

  • To optimize efficiency, make sure all of your team members have their CartTune account with the necessary access permissions.
  • Unlock the potential of your team with CartTune! Easily share documents and collaborate in real-time, revolutionizing how you work together. Take teamwork to a whole new level with the effortless collaboration that only CartTune provides.
  • Streamline your content creation process and easily stay on top of every detail by quickly tracking document statuses.

At our company, we recognize that shared tools are imperative for cultivating collaboration and communication between teams while also encouraging AI literacy and expertise within the organization.

The CartTune AI Engine: Building the best models for the job

When customers ask us what powers CartTune’s AI outputs or why it is preferable to using an LLM, the answer lies in our powerful AI Engine. We’ve made huge advancements here with technology that is exclusive to us and has set us apart from other companies operating within this sector.

CartTune’s AI Engine uses state-of-the-art algorithms to select the perfect model from our range of LLMs for each prompt submitted by a creator. This is further enriched by relevant citations, recent Google search trends, and any information you provide us about your brand and products, resulting in an output that has been specifically tailored to meet your needs while being up-to-date with optimized marketing performance.

Generative AI is about to experience a transformation like never before – one that promises unparalleled success. Compared to just using an LLM, this advanced model surpasses any other. What’s more, with its newest upgrades, you can use it anytime and anywhere along your online journey! While we can’t precisely anticipate every step of its development, one thing’s for certain: Our commitment to progress persists. We are relentless in our pursuit to bridge the newest technologies with businesses and open up possibilities that will optimize your operations and unleash the untapped potential of your team.

Thank you for being a supporter and a pioneer right along with us.



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