Announcing CartTune for Business

CarTune has revolutionized the way businesses use Artificial Intelligence. Through Brand Voice API and a multitude of other tools, CarTune makes it easier than ever to adopt generative AI in your business operations.

We are excited to announce at the inaugural Gen AI event that CartTune, a comprehensive set of improvements, has been launched to enable companies to adopt AI without hindering their workflow or jeopardizing their brand identity. We have noticed exponential growth in generative AIs over this past year, but it hasn’t yet demonstrated itself as a dependable tool for businesses’ teams’ daily operations. That’s why we created CartTune – so everyone can benefit from the advantages of Artificial Intelligence!

AI is a great way to increase your content output, yet most AI tools generate generic and lackluster results. This can be off-putting for many teams who have their own workflow that they need to adhere to. That’s why CartTune was designed with several enhancements specifically tailored towards fitting into any team or brand seamlessly without compromising the flow of work!

CartTune Brand Voice

In today’s world, where choices are endless, a Brand’s unique character is more essential than ever. Today we’re delighted to introduce CartTune Brand Voice which enables businesses to customize their AI-powered content with ease.

Through learning the language, tone, and style of your one-of-a-kind brand, our AI engine can use foundational language models to incorporate details about your company and characteristics that reflect your brand identity. This allows you to create content that resonates with those in its audience, ensuring genuineness and familiarity with them.

Three elements are essential for creating an authentic brand voice:

  • Knowledge: To ensure success, stay informed of the products and services you offer, familiarize yourself with your industry, and take note of who is buying from you. Knowledge equips you to make smart decisions so that your business thrives!
  • Tone: Your brand’s tone is key to connecting with your target audiences. How you craft and present your voice can make or break the conversation.
  • Style: Your brand’s unified approach to language, grammar, formality, and punctuation. This will ensure that all your communications – online or written – have a consistent feel and look.

CartTune is the perfect tool for all businesses, regardless of size. It allows your team to develop content that perfectly represents your brand, with correct formatting and timely product details. When you use CartTune to bring your company’s identity alive in every piece of communication, you can rest assured knowing that its consistency will be maintained throughout!

Use CartTune anywhere your teams work

Unlock the true potential of AI for your business by going beyond simply creating a brand voice. Make sure that you can incorporate this powerful tool into any and all content marketing efforts so that it is truly useful to everyone on your team!

We’re thrilled to share that CartTune has fully relaunched its extension as an in-line experience. Now, wherever you are writing, the helpful and on-brand cursor of CartTune is always at your fingertips! The December rollout was only the start; we look forward to helping make all of your content creation more organized and efficient with our new feature.

Our upgraded browser extension is now available across emails, CMS systems, social media platforms, notes applications, and more. So you no longer need to exit the application you’re using to access AI assistance and on-brand messaging. We also extended the accessibility of our browser extension by adding support for both Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers— which means that regardless of your preference when it comes to utilizing web browsers, your digital assistant will be with you always.

At last, we are thrilled to share that our CartTune API is now accessible. Whether you use a personal CMS or develop content for various platforms, you have the ability to integrate CartTune seamlessly into your system!

Collaborate with anyone

Generative AI is no longer just a secret weapon for solo creators; it’s now the perfect way to unify and coordinate your entire team. Thanks to our new collaboration features released this month, you can collaborate with ease!

  • Provide each member of your team their own CartTune space with permission adjusted according to the individual’s role.
  • Streamline collaboration within CartTune by sharing documents and working together in real time with your employees.
  • Streamline your content creation strategies and maintain an up-to-date record of all tasks with easy document statuses.

We believe that shared tools are the foundation for enhancing collaboration among your teams and an ideal approach to elevating the AI literacy and expertise of your organization.

The CartTune AI Engine: Building the best models for the job

Ever wonder how CartTune is able to produce such remarkable AI outputs? Or what sets it apart from just utilizing an LLM (learning management system)? Well, the answer lies within our exclusive AI Engine.

CartTune’s AI Engine selects the most suitable model from a vast range of LLMs for your creators’ prompt and curates reliable citations and recent Google searches specifically tailored to you & your product. Then with what you have taught us about your brand, we deliver an output that is current and optimized for marketing performance!

This latest model surpasses what you’d typically gain from connecting to an LLM. Plus, with its newest versions, it can follow you anywhere online as you work.

Generative AI is going to change exponentially with each passing moment and will continue to amaze us. While we may not be able to predict the future of this technology, one thing remains certain: We will never stop striving towards innovation so businesses can run smoother while unlocking your team’s most innovative ideas!

We are so grateful for your unwavering support and pioneering spirit.



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