Announcing CartTune for Business

Are you ready to take your business to the next level and make use of AI’s potential? Then it’s time for you to check out CartTune! Take advantage of our Brand Voice API and its suite of tools so that businesses can have access to generative artificial intelligence in a flash. Get started today and unlock incredible possibilities with CartTune!

At the first Gen AI event today, we proudly unveiled CartTune – an advancement that enables businesses to use AI while maintaining their distinct brand identity and streamlining operations. We’ve been astonished by generative AI’s widespread acceptance in recent times; however, for most companies, it is limited to only demonstration tricks rather than being utilized as a dependable tool on a daily basis. With CartTune, this has changed!

AI has been an incredibly useful resource for scaling content production, yet currently available tools are proving inefficient and require teams to disrupt their workflow when they use them. This is why we here at CartTune have engineered superior features that enable brands and groups to quickly modify our system according to their needs.

CartTune Brand Voice

Now that the market is glutted with options, your Brand’s individual identity has never been more essential. Introducing CartTune Brand Voice — businesses are now able to customize their artificial intelligence-enabled content in order to reflect their own distinct brand!

CartTune’s AI engine can be trained to understand the language, style, and tone that is uniquely yours. This way you can create compelling copy that speaks directly to your intended audience while making an impression they won’t easily forget. With CartTune as your partner in success, infusing every piece of content with your own brand identity has never been easier or more effective!

  • When creating a brand voice, it is essential to consider three factors: Knowledge, Tone, and Style.
  • Your company’s knowledge reflects your products/services, industry proficiency, and market demographics. Moreover, you must consider the Tone of your business – how do customers perceive when they converse with you? Last but not least comes Style, which encompasses a selection of words and correct grammar rules as well as formal punctuation standards in order for everything to be interlocked across different channels & written materials.

CartTune is the ultimate tool for your team to ensure that whatever content is created will be formatted correctly with up-to-date product information and always reflect the brand’s core values. Whether you have a large organization or small team, CartTune guarantees that every piece of material released showcases the company’s identity in its best possible form.

Use CartTune anywhere your teams work

To ensure AI works for your business, the initial move is creating a distinctive brand voice. Now with CartTune’s extensively modernized in-line experience extension, you can access that same corporate identity on any platform and at all times! No more overcomplicating processes to seek help; just have CartTune available as soon as you begin writing.

Our cutting-edge browser extension integrates into email, social media platforms, web content management systems, note programs, and more. So you no longer have to leave the application you’re using in order to access AI assistance or brand messaging. To make sure our extension can be used by everyone regardless of their internet service preference, we’ve made it available on both Chrome AND Microsoft Edge! With us by your side – your robot assistant will always be right there with you when needed.

We are delighted to present the launch of CartTune API, providing developers for content platforms and individuals who use custom CMS a simple way to incorporate CartTune into their systems. With only a few clicks, you can now experience all that comes along with using CartTune!

Collaborate with anyone

  • To boost your teamwork productivity, CartTune has introduced exciting collaboration features powered by generative AI! This way, you and your team can now:
  • Utilize the appropriate access level to craft personal workspaces for each of your team members.
  • Remain productive with CartTune by sharing and editing your documents instantly in real time.
  • Streamline the content creation process and achieve greater organization with document statuses, which allow you to monitor progress easily.

By capitalizing on shared tools, your teams can collaborate more efficiently while all members of the organization improve their AI literacy and expertise.

The CartTune AI Engine: Building the best models for the job

People often inquire about what is responsible for the remarkable results of CartTune’s AI-powered recommendations or how it differs from an LLM. The secret to our success is quite simple – we owe it all to our unique and advanced Artificial Intelligence Engine.

CartTune’s AI Engine quickly selects the optimal model for a creator’s prompt from our array of LLMs and then pairs it with reliable citations and up-to-date Google searches. Finally, we infuse your brand identity as well as the products you offer into an output that is current, relevant, and optimized – tailored perfectly for marketing purposes!

This advanced model exceeds what you would experience when linked with an LLM. Even better, its current updates make it a reliable partner during your digital ventures.

As generative AI rapidly advances, the future is largely unpredictable. But one thing you can always count on. Our commitment to groundbreaking innovation and staying ahead of the curve. Our goal? To provide you with tools that will push your business further than ever before and unlock a world of creative possibilities for your team.

We are immensely thankful for your courage and support on this path we take together.



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